Elevate Difference

My Reality

Trina Elle is a Canadian pop singer who is trying to make a start in the music business. She is someone with talent, a fun R&B sound, and according to one reviewer, a voice reminiscent of Toni Braxton. Now, I’m not well-versed in the pop and R&B worlds, but I do love me some Toni Braxton. (Who doesn’t?) So, I anticipated being blown away by My Reality. I was sorely disappointed.

Trina’s voice didn’t carry with it the velvety seduction of Toni Braxton, and seemed like yet another carbon copy of the strained and thin voices so prevalent in pop. That said, however, her voice works well in concert with the catchy, repetitive, and rather unimaginative melodies. It was just too common; I was expecting something different, something new, something that would set itself apart from the rest of the modern, commercial pop world.

The first track, “People,” struck me with its message of protest against racism and war. “If I Have It All” deals with the issue of depression and the blessings that people should remember to count. “Fell,” in a decidedly autobiographical, albeit moralistic tone, recounts a period of reckless youth and the consequences. However, the mainstay of this album is the traditional ballad, such as “Crept Up” and steamy dance tune, such as “Stutter” (which, unfortunately, was too Lady Gaga for my tastes).

My traditionalist griping aside, I do have to give Elle kudos for having worked on each piece with a collaborator instead of just singing pieces handed to her. This shows her initiative, and perhaps with more practice, she can turn out more fresh and original pieces. Some of Elle's lyrics already show promise, and I couldn’t help but wish the melodies had shown the same unique outlook.

Written by: Cristin Colvin, February 24th 2010