Elevate Difference


There are some records that are meant for rocking out with all the windows down as you go flying down the highway, and others that are perfect background music for a chill, low-key evening with friends. Natalia Clavier’s Nectar is definitely in the latter category, and in a good way. In her solo debut, the native Argentinean infuses trip hop and lounge music with a distinctly Latina flavor to create the perfect soundtrack for a summer dinner party or margaritas-and-mojitos cocktail gathering.

Trip hop isn't often known for variation, and a number of the songs on Nectar are pretty similar in sound and feel. Many of the tracks, which were produced by Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation, feature a similar laid back groove and ethereal vocals, and it’s difficult to tell one from the other on the first few listens. Still, the album includes enough twists and variations to keep it from becoming a wall of monotonous (if lovely) sound. “Azul” brings in echoes of the tango of Clavier’s homeland, and “Confusión” and “Mi mentira” trade in a little of the electronics for a return to “real” instruments like piano and guitar.

The lyrics on Nectar are sung (and printed) in Spanish, and since I don’t speak or read the language (and couldn’t find any translations), I can’t really comment on them. Despite the language barrier, however, Clavier’s voice creates a vivid emotional tone for each song - whether dancing over the beats of the more “chill” tracks or rising with passion on the classic Argentinean folk song “Tue que peudes vuélvete.” The vocals combine with the groove to create a cool, sensual record that’s perfect for easing into the heat of summer.

Written by: Rochelle Mabry, June 19th 2008

Este amor que tengo para darte es unico, inmenso y puroEste amor que tengo para darte es carmico desde otras vidas te lo traigoTermine solita meditando bajo el mismo arbol, bajo el mismo cielo de ayerTermine solita canturreando, la cancion del arbol, la cancion del cielo de ayerAsi es como lo queria yo...Este amor que yo acomulado, tan simplico, si lo matabas sabria renacerDentro de un baul te lo he guardado, presagiando que un dia te lo entregaria..Termine, solita meditando bajo el mismo arbol bajo el mismo cielo de ayerTermine solita canturreando, la cancion del arbol la cancion del cielo de ayer...Best wishes to Natalia,Felipe.

Yeah, kinda sucks there are no lyrics out there to "El Arbol", which I love, so I've emailed Natalia on Myspace and am hoping she or a flunky will email me the lyrics.