Elevate Difference

You May Already Be Dreaming

I stepped onto my balcony in the bright, cool morning and put in my earphones. Once I pressed play, everything seemed to slow down. As though following the tempo of this album, traffic slowed from its _Grand Theft Auto _pace and enjoyed the sunshine.

Having been compared to The Mountain Goats and Iron & Wine - with lyrics like “I’ve been dying for a year and ten days” or “It's so hard to love your body from the ground” - Neva Dinova’s music has that special something you can’t quite figure out. Whether country or rock, this music has a dark ethereal feel, at times, accompanied with the tone of a break up (from a guy's point of view). When listening to You May Already Be Dreaming, initially, my thought was that this is a CD you should get stoned to.

Made up of Heath Koontz, Jake Bellows, Mike Kratky, Tim Haes, and Roger Lewis, Neva Dinova got its start in 1993 in the cornfields of Omaha, NE. The band got its name from singer Jake Bellow’s grandmother. You May Already Be Dreaming is their third album with Saddle Creek Records. Even with a flood wiping out some of their equipment and a barroom brawl leaving Bellows with a blown out ear drum, they came out of these experiences with a strong album.

Written by: TygerLily Ernst, June 21st 2008