Elevate Difference

Never Tell a Lie

In a suburban area in Massachusetts, David and Ivy Rose host a yard sale as a way of getting rid of items left in the attic by previous owners of their recently purchased Victorian home. During the sale, a woman named Melinda, whom they both knew in high school, informs David and Ivy that as a child she played in the house they now own and would like to see the inside again. When David offers to take Melinda inside for a tour, he leaves her alone for a brief moment and unbeknownst to him, this is the last time he or anyone else will see Melinda.

When Melinda disappears and her car is found nearby with the newspaper ad for the Rose’s yard sale circled, Detective Blanchard traces her last known steps to the yard sale. No one, including David, remembers seeing her leave, yet detective Blanchard discovers her bloody clothes among the leftover items of the sale. The police take the Roses in for questioning, and Ivy discovers that David hasn't been entirely truthful.

As the evidence mounts and clues are uncovered, David is charged with murder and placed under arrest, which leaves Ivy to find the truth. In Ivy’s search to find out what really happened to Melinda, she discovers some unexpected secrets leading back to their high school years.

Never Tell a Lie is a very quick and easy read. A surprise toward the end provides the perfect twist to this tale of suspense. Hallie Ephron introduces the perfect suburban couple, and then turns their lives into deception, danger and unraveling the truth. This mystery is a page turner and you will not be able to put it down until the very last sentence is read.

Written by: LaToya Rogers, March 9th 2009

Too much plot synopsis and not enough review. And stay away from cliches like "page-turner" and "you won't be able to put it down."