Elevate Difference


This four-song EP from the Milwaukee-based group The New Loud isn’t groundbreaking, but enjoyable pop doesn’t always need to be earth-shattering. “Secrets” is a catchy pop-rock tune, with loud guitar and touches of synthesizer. A driving beat and punk attitude distinguish the frantic “Better This Way.” “Heart Attack” features staccato drum sections cleverly mimicking a heartbeat, more prominent synthesizers and a tempo slower than the previous songs. The vocals (both female and male, which is different than the first two tracks that have male vocals only) are muted and almost unintelligible, but the effect is rather mesmerizing. “Hot New Moves” sounds like a power rock song from the ’80s, in the best way: steady beat, chiming synthesizer and guitars, very danceable. The atmosphere reminds me of an end-of-summer carnival, something you’d hear while riding on the tilt-a-whirl. The upbeat, sunny mood defies the lyrics. This short sample inspires curiosity about the band’s future work.

Written by: Karen Duda, January 25th 2007
Tags: rock