Elevate Difference

New York City Secrets / Secrets of Early U.S. History

I would have appreciated a one sheet of sorts to go along with New York City Secrets, as I wasn't really sure what it was about. It appears to be a short film with young people singing a rap song about different kinds of facts, secrets and things to do in New York City. There were some interesting graphics and information, but I am left wondering who the intended audience for this is. It was strange because I wasn't quite sure why they made it. It seems to be part of an educational series, but I wondered where it would screen, how it was funded and what the young people creating it got out of it.

Secrets of Early U.S. History was in the same style as New York City Secrets. The music is good and the facts are interesting, but they are just snippets of information followed one after another. That concerned me because I don't know how much audiences will absorb from the messages about people and events in history. I think the best result this film could have with audiences is to incite interest in exploring history and to get people excited about learning more. The computer animated graphics were engaging and fun. The students who worked on this did an excellent job with the parameters they had in terms of length and format.

Written by: Katy Otto, May 12th 2007