Elevate Difference

The North End

In a time when emo hasn’t enjoyed the same popularity as it did ten years ago, this six-man band is happy doing its thing. Hailing from Midwestern America Joie De Vivre draws a good amount of influence from the northern part of the region for lyrics and the wintry scenes for their most recent album, The North End.

For anyone who’s been to college and listened to local/house bands, The North End is certain to make you nostalgic. Granted, the album is a clean recording and the packaging that of a label-backed-band. Nonetheless, it’s easy to picture yourself huddled in the basement of some old house, a single light bulb the only source of illumination.

If your memories aren’t made of dark basements, then the crying vocals and melodic instrumentals will surely strike a nerve. Especially, let’s say, if you’ve recently gone through a breakup. And what more could you ask for from emotional rousing lyrics and sounds, but to remind you of these raw emotions. It’s not that The North End is the album of the year—in fact, the number of listeners will probably reach only a small handful of people—but Joie De Vivre is doing what it loves: making music.

How these fellows agreed on the “Joy of Life," as the band name is anyone’s guess. But it appears that with the sorrows, insecurities, and downers that sometimes come with life, there is always beauty to be found. Kudos to this Rockford, IL group who have fun with song and are well prepared for brutal winters with their bundled-up selves.

Written by: Irene Wazgowska, September 5th 2010
Tags: indie, emo