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Nyx Eau de Parfum

When I first received this vial of scent, I was disappointed. It was a tiny little pamphlet with a small vial of the scent attached. The vial itself wasn’t even full. The pamphlet's cover lacked interest, and on the inside were the contents of the vial in great detail. I recognized some ingredients—like jasmine and ylang ylang, black pepper and grapefruit—but when it came to the last ingredients, I was confused? What were ecstatic dance, intoxication, and prophetic sleep? Was this the fantasy aspect of this concoction?

On the following page was a description of the perfume. "Nyx" apparently is a primordial goddess of the night who was born of Chaos and the mother of atmosphere and day. It goes on to state that the perfume is the deeply sweet slumber of night with intoxicating florals and musk ambrette. The back of the pamphlet stated that Mandrake Apothecary was a woman- and pagan-owned business. It also stated the perfume could be bought by the bottle or vial and gave a website address. I was intrigued. I wanted to open the vial and see what this magical scent would smell like and what it would do for my senses.

It was hard to get the vial open, and I struggled with it. When I did get it open, I found the scent overwhelming and too powerful. In fact, the scent was making me kind of sick! I did persevere though and decided to put some on anyway. After a while the pungent aroma did dissipate and became milder, softer scent.

In the end, the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. If the other products and scents are like this one, I don’t think I will be having a sweet slumber wearing these products any time soon!

Written by: Amber Whitman-Currier, November 27th 2007
Tags: perfume

Yes....I understand...but it was only about half full...so there could have been room for more liquid...

FWIW - the vial shouldn't be full - alcohol expanding can cause the top to blow, leading to major leakage of the kind not appreciated by the post office...