Elevate Difference

Detroit /Fabric 45 and Fabric 46

These two albums are the products of London’s Fabric nightclub’s monthly CD series. Fabric’s musical offerings span the electronic dance spectrum, and while they are super club with three distinct dance spaces, the sounds of Omar S on Detroit/Fabric 45 are refreshingly minimal. Referencing the famed early 1980s Detroit House scene, the album’s beats are loaded with reverb and recall the work of groups from the 1980s such as Liquid Liquid and ESG. It’s hard to imagine the tracks of this record reverberating on a huge dance floor, as the beats are accented with melodic electronic bleeps that sound like they could have been produced by a Nintendo Gameboy circa 1990. 

In contrast to Omar S’ minimalism, Claude Von Stroke takes a more upbeat approach with his remixes, combining vocals and a variety of instrument and percussion samples which he layers over simple, danceable house beats. The album’s tracks flow together seamlessly, and each carries Claude Von Stroke’s distinctive techno touch. The disc could be a club-worthy dance party in itself if one wanted to recreate the Fabric experience at home. While neither album appears especially innovative, they are solid samplings of what is happening in contemporary, electronic dance music. As part of Fabric’s CD series and its FabricFirst program, where members get the monthly CD’s weeks before they arrive in stores, as well as discounts on club entry and a chance to skip the queue, club–bound Londoners should take note.

Written by: Eleanor Whitney, June 17th 2009