Elevate Difference

One Hand Loves the Other

I admit I have a soft spot for local music, and One Hand Loves the Other hails from my local music scene in Atlanta, where the group’s name is a familiar sight on posters for local venues. The classically infused electro-pop band’s first full-length album is marked by extraordinary vocals, creative electronic stylings and classical instruments like the cello. On first listen, I wasn’t sure whether I should get up and dance or sit back and close my eyes. I settled on a combination of the two, letting the rhythmic percussion of “Burden of Barnacles” get me on my feet, then allowing the piano-driven “Petey Penance” to chill me out. The classical tones eased my usual aversion to electronica, creating a new way to hear the full-bodied music. Attributing perhaps to the diversity of the band members’ backgrounds, this album took my unsophisticated musical taste to a new height of appreciation for collaboration among styles, sounds and people.

Written by: Jaclyn Barbarow, September 4th 2007