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Orgasmic: Erotica for Women

I remember flipping quickly through the pages of my friends’ romance novels in high school looking for the juicy parts. The sexy parts. I had been told the books would be like "porn for women," so I assumed there would be something pornographic in the material. Alas, as soon as I found a creamy white thigh slipping out of a slit in a skirt, it was magically the next morning and the characters were talking... again. So, I gave up. Fortunately, Orgasmic addresses the need of female-oriented erotic literature more directly.

Admittedly, as an adult well grounded in societal norms, it was difficult to take Orgasmic seriously when I opened it with a friend over margaritas at a Mexican restaurant. The collection of stories found in the book contain, though not intentionally, some humorous material. However, while some of the dialogue (or the words authors come up with for sexual anatomy) makes for solid comedy, other stories are not to be taken so lightly.

Do not, for example, read Dusty Horn's “Share” while on a plane (trust me). Unless you’re a veteran member of the mile high club or know how to take care of business in tight places, public spaces are not the right place to read this story. Dusty writes a truly erotic lesbian adventure that is both cervically and cerebrally stimulating. What makes this story stand out from a few of its neighbors is that it is really well written, and really sexy.

Take this line about her double-ended toy for example, “A tug of war—I pull on the dick with my hand and counter clench around the bulb with my pussy wall. Where do you think you’re going?” Dusty does not stop there with her toy-inspired escapades; there is dildo pistol whipping, dildo sucking, fucking, jerking, and on... and on.

Lolita Lopez’s “The Chair” is also eye wideningly kinky, and may inspire you to take a more mechanical approach to your sex life. “Hurdles,” by Rowan Elizabeth, is nearly a how-to guide. While her methods for getting off on oral may not work for you, there’s still a great lesson to be learned about communicating with your partner about what you need to get it done.

Perhaps some of the clichés and silly references to the fins on Cadillacs looking like dicks are part of Orgasmic's charm. Sometimes sex is funny. Sometimes the things that turn us on are funny. Some might say, “different strokes for different folks.” Orgasmic is, indeed, full of a lot of strokes. If one story makes you laugh, try the next; that one might just get the job done.

Written by: Tatiana Ryckman, September 20th 2010

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