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Origami Pyramid Bag

It’s a hot July evening and I’m feeling like a wilted flower. Fashion has always been a great pick-me-up and I’m looking forward to sporting Silvermint’s strawberry Origami Pyramid Bag with a simple black sundress to a friend’s party.

The bag attracted me with its unique design, convenient wristlet style, and high quality, interestingly-textured fabric and materials. The vintage button accents in soft pink and grey give it a girly but sophisticated charm and the grey origami-style animal characters printed on the off-white fabric also elevate it to a conversation piece. When I mentally put together my outfit I saw the bag as an artsy, yet practical and intriguing accessory, perfect for holding onto the few essential items I’d need while at the party. Yet as I stand before the mirror the little 6.7 x 5.9 inch pyramid looks funny hanging from my wrist: like a starched handkerchief or an old-fashioned nurses hat.

While the bag didn’t make it to the party, it has occupied a prominent place on my desk, awaiting the writing of this review. Given that my home office is also the living room, I’ve been gazing upon this finely constructed bag with a mixture of delight, curiosity and appraisal daily for the past two weeks. Each time I look at it I think I really love this little pouch!

Silvermint has an interesting story on how she moved from the world of online gaming to the world of handmade crafting. She began to study how real things are actually made vs. the world of “clicking on an icon with the mouse and Poof! a mechanical chicken has been created.” She gets bonus points for her support of ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) and a waste-free philosophy, which leads to greater creativity with materials and design. Her Etsy store is stocked with other cute and adorably unique little clutches and pouches as well as graphic-printed tote bags.

I’ve tried the Origami Pyramid Bag on a few times since the night of the party but I doubt I’ll frequently wear it as a purse. I am sure it will find a welcome home storing small treasures or perhaps protecting a snag-prone item in a drawer or suitcase. The cotton webbing strap is detachable so it can hang from a peg and it also stands on its own (especially if the packing folds are ironed out) so it would also make a cute storage container on a shelf or other visible location.

Written by: Matsya Siosal, August 18th 2010