Elevate Difference

Original and Compact Ragtotes

Having been raised to refer to periods as “The Curse,” and plagued by years of heinous female problems, I have never been one to celebrate my menstruation. The Original and Compact Ragtotes are bejeweled, appliquéd plastic celebrations of the flow cheerfully announcing their use in a wavy font.

First problem: I could not get them open. Angrily, I finally popped the latch. Next, they seemed small. I am a backup woman. The Original fits one regular-sized tampon exactly. The Compact appealed to me more, and I packed it with three minis, giving me a sense of reassurance.

The hand wipes are the best! Cute and functional, these things rock. Ever the trooper, I loaded my totes - one for my purse, one for my knitting bag - and hit the world. Funny thing happened, my audacious Original Ragtote became one of my essentials.

I always hated how my pads would slide around in my purse getting tainted with blush. I hated rooting fruitlessly, realizing I was all out of napkins. My sequined companion told me I was covered. Since it only carried one tampon at a time, it had to be filled, or I would leave it out of my purse.

Imagine to be never caught out again empty-handed. Never to search for quarters to feed evil, broken feminine hygiene product dispensers. The Curse has ended! Long live the Tote!

Written by: Regina Raiford Babcock, July 4th 2007

Actually, I own an original Ragtote and I can fit 2 supers in it and some of the wipes and some pills.I had problems with the latch at first too but I'm kind of glad that it's tight cause it never opens in my purse.just an fyi...