Elevate Difference

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread uses visual images to show the deplorable conditions that are inflicted on animals and the toxic spraying of crops to awaken the public to the reality of our food supply. This film also shows the isolation and monotony faced by workers in the industry. Our Daily Bread was a thought-provoking film that left me horrified by its disturbing images and concerned for my family’s welfare. Unfortunately, some of the scenes were so upsetting to me that I was unable to watch them. My husband would tell me when the worst of the cruelty was over, so I could continue viewing.

Overall, I enjoyed Our Daily Bread and found it very insightful. One aspect of the film that left me baffled and a bit annoyed. Throughout the documentary, not one word is spoken. I understand the reasoning behind the filmmaker’s decision. However, the final product had too much of an artsy flair, which hampered the important message. In fact, there were several times while watching Our Daily Bread that my husband and I had to pause the film, so we could try to decipher what was happening in the scene. Our Daily Bread is definitely worth watching, but could have been a truly powerful film with the right (or any) narration.

Written by: Becky Barry, June 16th 2007