Elevate Difference

Children Running Through

Patty Griffin is a storyteller. Rarely confessional or self-indulgent, she tells tales, assumes personas and takes the listener deep into the lives of her characters. Each persona has her or his own musical interpretation, deepening and strengthening the voice. In “Up to the Mountain (MLK Song),” Griffin assumes the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and puts herself into to the head and heart of a man working for a vision and a dream.

Hope seems to be a theme on this latest effort, Children Running Through as is travel. “Stay on the Ride” has a man riding the bus day in and day out because “it’s gonna take me somewhere.” Griffin takes some musical risks and periodically diverges from her comfortable style, as in the jazzier tones of the opening track, “You’ll Remember,” and the gospel-infused strains of “Heavenly Day” and “Up to the Mountain.” “Trapeze” showcases a gorgeous duet with the master of harmonies, Emmylou Harris. Patty Griffin is an artist who has hit her stride and stayed there for years. This album proves her staying power and continued ability to move, inspire and entertain.

Written by: Shana Scudder, July 4th 2007