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Picture Perfect Face Primer

Oily skin is often revered as one’s personal fountain of youth with an ability to slow down aging, but for those who were born with this physical trait, it’s a nightmare that stares at you right in the face. Instead of glowing and glistening, oil oozes from pores, causing pimples to make frequent visits, while rosy cheeks appear slippery and dirty. Not even the finest powders can combat the greasy mess, and at the end of the day, your many hours of carefully applying makeup for a fresh face results in a gloppy gunk. No matter how many times you scrub, wash, or tone, genetics can’t be defeated. Fortunately, you can now find an easier way to let your personality, not your face, shine through. Zana’s Picture Perfect Face Primer is the number one tool you need to look flawless and naturally gorgeous, all thanks to a little help from Mother Nature.

Zana Cosmetics is a new collection that provides promising results to women who want to enhance their features without looking overdone, a must for those who also have to battle oil just to feel fabulous. While they offer a basic line of lipsticks and eye shadows that create “sultry, sexy” looks, they aren’t your typical tubes of Revlon or Maybelline. All Zana products are mineral based and non-comedogenic, which means they don’t clog pores.

In addition, their formulas are created with vitamins and antioxidants, ensuring to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin types. Sure, it sounds like another product riding the eco-trend train, but if women must wear makeup to both look and feel amazing, at least they should use products that will heal their skin, not drown it in toxins. The Picture Perfect Face Primer is made with natural ingredients, such as avocado, rosemary, and hibiscus, which all hydrate and soothe. There’s no fragrance or color, just a transparent gel that comes out with a gentle squeeze from an easy to carry bottle. However, does The Picture Perfect Face Primer make you ready for your close-up, or like Mother Nature, is it unpredictable and even disastrous?

The Picture Perfect Face Primer is a brilliant product that will have you saying cheese in seconds. Unlike other primers made with thick silicone, this lightweight gel is silky smooth and immediately absorbed by skin without leaving a sticky residue. It’s so feathery soft that it feels like you’re wearing nothing, but all you need is a little drop to gently rub on your face before applying makeup. From morning until night, foundation stays in place, appearing as if it was just applied. Not only will you hear compliments for having radiant skin, but on lazy days, you could go all natural without concealer, blush, or mascara. You’ll feel like an earth mother with lustrous skin that requires little primping. Isn’t that the top beauty secret that both fashionistas and everyday women want to discover? 

As with all the latest beauty fads, The Picture Perfect Face Primer does have a flaw. Like Avon, Zana cannot be purchased from a store, but instead from a Zana Cosmetics representative. However, since Zana is new, expect a hard time trying to find someone close to home that has even heard of the collection. You could become a rep and “be invited to VIP parties to showcase new product launches, makeup trends, and application demos,” but who really wants to go through all that for a face gel? Zana Cosmetics does provide an income to its reps, as well as scholarships, but those who prefer shopping online or in beauty boutiques may be turned off altogether. However, the look of perfect skin is priceless to many oily skinned girls, so the hunt may indeed be worth it.

For skin that‘s rarely slick, add The Picture Perfect Face Primer to your beauty regimen, and you’ll finally be able to enjoy standing out in a crowd.

Written by: Stephanie Nolasco, April 28th 2009