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Pink Everyday Wool Beret

I’ve never been a hat person, but I’ve always admired those individuals who know how to accessorize their look to create a unique fashion statement. Whether through the expert use of scarves, hats, or jewelry, these people seem to have arrived on the planet with the fashionista gene. Maybe that’s why the pink wool beret caught my eye on the list of items for review. At the time I requested the beret to review, we were still in the midst of winter in the Midwest, and the beret looked both practical and inspired all at the same time.

When my beret arrived in the mail, it was packaged in plastic, and the pink color combined with the jaunty beret style seemed to signify that spring couldn’t be far off. I felt a burst of artistic joie de vivre when I tried the hat on since berets have long been associated with artists and artistic endeavors. I was somewhat disappointed to discover that I am still not a hat person (at least when it comes to berets)—the style just didn’t suit my face—but I did check out the website for Cover Your Hair and discovered that they sell a whole range of items ranging from hats to headbands, bandannas to scarves, snoods to turbans, and hair accessories.

This is one of those online shopping sites that are just fun to browse, and if you’re watching your pennies, none of these items will make a big dent in your wallet. Cover Your Hair is also a site to bookmark if you know someone who has experienced hair loss from chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. I remember helping my mom pick out a wig after she lost her hair due to chemo (thankfully it all grew back and thicker than before), but a site like this offers alternative options for dealing with short-term or permanent hair loss.

Written by: Gita Tewari, May 2nd 2010