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Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil

The pomegranate has a long history as a helping, healthy fruit. No less an authority than the (seventeenth century) Dr. Fothergill described as it among the plant species “most salutiferous to mankind.” Queen Hatshepsut's butler, Djehuty, attempted to pack one along in his journey to the afterlife. Its red, leathery hide, floral ends, and core of pulp-encased juicy purple kernels fascinated me as a child, although it struck me as a bit labor-intensive for a snack. I had no objection to grenadine in Shirley Temples at the same age. Recent research confirms the pomegranate's nutritional value—the juice provides sixteen percent of the suggested daily allowance of vitamin C. A symbol of fertility and vitality, you no longer need to be an Egyptian queen to access the fruit's powers: John Masters Organics offers a pomegranate seed oil to heal dry skin.

This organic cosmetic and cleanser provider now produces an oil that is more direct and fast-acting than a moisturizer. There are a total of fourteen oils, including rosewood, sage, sweet almond, and carrot—but the main ingredient is pomegranate seed oil. The user can either apply it directly or add it to moisturizer. It absorbed immediately and had a subtle non-intrusive scent. I acquired mine ahead of time for the Chicago winter, and now am confidently equipped, indeed.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, September 15th 2009