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Poppies Silhouette Pendant

This simple yet beautiful handmade pendant has a base of a one inch square piece of fiberboard and is but one of the hundreds of choices available from NoisyBirdStudio, a husband and wife team from New Hampshire. The husband cuts out the fiberboard tiles, and the wife does the rest.

Once she creates her tiny pieces of art and prints them “using high-quality laser print and paper,” she sands and seals the edges and applies a “non-toxic glass-like resin” to the top. The resin on my pendant seems very sturdy and resistant to cracks and chips. I was able to make small dents in it with fingernail and teeth while putting it through rigorous product testing, but there were no problems from normal wear around my neck. The pendant did come with a tiny note specifying that the top finish is water-resistant, but not waterproof, and recommending removal before showering, swimming, and other wet activities.

The pendants are sold alone, without any chain or cord, allowing for individual choice. NoisyBirdStudio does sell both 2.4mm silver plated ball chain and 2mm, 18-inch long black leather pendant cord with a sterling silver spring clasp. Another option would be to hang it from a matching or contrasting length of ribbon, yarn, or braided embroidery floss. My poppies hang from an old, dull ball chain, which makes the overall look a little tougher, a little less dainty.

The pendants can also be used as zipper pulls. A three-inch, silver-plated ball chain with clasp can be added to any pendant, making it a fun addition to backpack, purse, coat, jacket, or any item carried or worn by someone who doesn’t wear necklaces. For folks who can’t find the perfect words or image among the multitude of offerings, NoisyBirdStudio takes on custom orders, even creating designs from scratch. They can turn a photo or other work of art into a truly one-of-a-kind creation.

The affordability of the lovely pieces from NoisyBirdStudio, coupled with the abundance of designs, makes it easy to pick out a special piece for every friend and family member. I think I can make all my winter holiday purchases in this one little Etsy shop.

As for my poppies, I enjoy the unusual pairing of brown and pink, their subtle beauty dangling at my throat.

Written by: Chantel C. Guidry, November 16th 2009