Elevate Difference


I don’t often say that something I bought has changed my life, but the pStyle has done just that. This 7¾ inch plastic device lets female-bodied people urinate while standing up and without dropping their drawers, which means I can urinate discreetly while working in my garden without worrying that my exposed butt will offend the neighbors. The pStyle has the potential to make any woman’s active lifestyle a whole lot simpler.

This apparatus is manufactured in Italy and is available in five colors (light blue, pink, orange, dark blue, and lavender), as well as clear (for maximum discretion). Since the pStyle is rigid, it can be maneuvered inside the user’s clothes. Loose pants with a zipper and fly front underpants work best, but panties with no fly can just be pushed to the side.

Cleaning the pStyle is easy. In the most rustic settings, it can simply be shaken forcefully to remove most of the urine. If even a little water is available, it can easily be rinsed; sanitary wipes or toilet paper can be used to wipe it dry.

Using the pStyle does take some practice. I feel like I am being potty-trained all over again, and I admit to a few urine-related mishaps. I recommend rehearsing at home before using the pStyle out in the world. All users of the pStyle will have to discover their own individual perfect placement, but I think everyone living without a penis should give it a try.

Written by: Chantel C. Guidry, April 22nd 2007

There are lots of other devices that can help women pee standing, if the pStyle doesn't suit somebody. I have links to a bunch of stand-to-pee devices included in my instructions for women who want to pee standing. (This is something of a pet topic of mine. It's so much fun!)I'm glad to hear the pStyle is working for you! My personal fave is the Pee-Zee-- it folds flat for tidy storage, and pops open for easy manoeuvering inside clothes (plus it is made in Canada).

my significant other bought a pstyle a few years ago at Camp Ida and uses it all the time. ... Great review. The pstyle rocks -- in many a perverse way.