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Pulsa Bath Ball

The Pulsa Bath Ball by Pure Romance, the company best known for taking Tupperware parties to the next level, is your basic, no frills massager. Consisting of a grapefruit-sized loofah with a vibrating motor in its center, the Pulsa Bath is a massager intended for use in the bath or shower. Given how annoyingly loud the massager is when turned on, I would opt for the shower since the running water does a pretty good job of masking the motor’s whirl. As for the actual massaging capabilities of the Pulsa Bath, there’s a lot of be desired.

The size and shape of the device, while appropriate for a loofah, make it difficult to handle as a massager. Most hand-held massagers are small with either ridged or bumpy surfaces. There’s a reason for this, as the differing textures add the sensation and pressure needed to massage muscles. The soft, spongy texture of the Pulsa Bath makes the kneading and manipulation of muscles difficult and time consuming. The loofah is absorbent, though, and while it may fall short as a personal massager, it’s perfectly adequate as a bath sponge, its size and shape making it tuck away in any bathroom drawer or suitcase.

Written by: Victoria Kroeger, October 13th 2007