Elevate Difference

"Have You Ever" Game

The deck of card sized naughty or nice Have You Ever game is a ready-to-go version of the infamous drinking game “I’ve Never Ever.” Filled with witty rhymes and euphemisms for sex in all places and positions, Have You Ever is, per the instructions, best played with friends and cocktails, so I got together two friends, made dinner, bought some wine and set to work.

Like a fortune cookie, Have You Ever’s unique phrases are sometimes better than others and, also like a fortune cookie, it’s not unusual to get the same question twice. The tiny scrolls and minute punch-through holes make a one-time use game that’s great for those with nimble fingers and a minimal level of inebriation—if my friends’ were any more drunk or our fingers a little more pudgy, there’s no way we could have made it through the first two rounds.

While the questions did stir some exciting conversation, it was also an unnecessary icebreaker among good friends, as I already know who’s gone down on whose sister, who has grinded where and who’s habitually naked around the house. For those just getting to know friends, Have You Ever is a perfect introduction.

Like Polly Pocket, the tiny game board is easy to take to parties, meet-ups or on public transportation and could be more fun if played at random, unexpected moments rather than in a single sitting. While Have You Ever didn’t leave me horny or drudge up secrets of my past that weren’t already public, it did whittle away a Saturday night with two good friends and a bottle of zinfandel.

Written by: Lacey Dunham, March 12th 2007