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Make Believe Not War Tank

My favorite new tank top comes from No Star Clothing. It is black with the slogan “Make Believe Not War” printed on a military helmet - a helmet that holds crayons. Swoon. All of my academically-inclined, left-leaning coffee-shop customers loved this tank top. One cynically suggested that the only way to make any sense of our current military endeavors is to, in fact, make believe. I think this tank top brought me bigger-than-usual tips and even bigger smiles. Certainly it doesn't hurt that it fits me perfectly, washes well and doesn't show stains. Like I said, I am in love.

The other t-shirts offered by this cool company are equally smart and sassy. They are a welcomed alternative to other “funny” women's t-shirts, many of which have recently come under heavy feminist critique. So far No Star appears, with few possible exceptions, to be funny and critical without being needlessly offensive or sexist. Nice!

Written by: kristina grob, June 4th 2007

She said not NEEDLESSLY offensive. Sometimes you NEED to be a little bit offensive to be funny.

She said "a few exceptions" - if you don't like them, don't buy from them.I have bought from them because they area progressive, local (I live in Portland) company. My customer service experience was excellent.

Not offensive? Really? Not sexist, I'll grant you, but I found a number of their shirts offensive. I wouldn't buy from them.