Elevate Difference

The Blistering Sun

“Alright, OK,” the opening track on Rachael Sage’s new album The Blistering Sun, introduces you to all that is best about Sage’s music: it’s an vibrant, catchy, pop tune showcasing her warm, versatile voice, with clever rhymes and introspective lyrics, as well as top-notch piano playing and penchant for horns. Other standouts include the mellow, jazzy ballad “Violet or Blue” the buoyant “C’mon Over” and “Lonely Streets,” which features the memorable line, “You were the fun I should have done without.” The accordion and urgent tempo immediately mark “93 Maidens” as a departure. The lyrics capture the listener’s attention: the song tells the true story of Chaya Feldman, a Warsaw teenager, who, along with 92 classmates, swallowed poison rather than becoming a prostitute for Nazi soldiers. The tongue-in-cheek “Hit Song” is a confessional about the chart topper Sage believes may hide inside her. The track stands out for the absence of piano and for the vocal, which is spoken more than sung. The tune is something you’d hear at a poetry jam, with percussion, drums, and horns giving it a jazzy feel. Sage is at the top of her game on this album, which makes it a great introduction for those who haven’t heard this talented musician.

Written by: Karen Duda, January 5th 2007
Tags: folk