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Raven Necklace

Ravens have captured human imagination since the beginning of time, and it seems I am no exception. My pewter raven necklace from Oberon Design is the most unique piece of jewelry I have ever owned. The image of a raven cast in pewter and strung on a black leather cord gives this necklace a medieval feeling. I was inspired to learn more about ravens after receiving my necklace in the mail, and I discovered that when it comes to ravens, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground: you either love them or you hate them.

The mythology surrounding ravens is rich, plentiful, fascinating, and downright unsettling at times. I discovered on Wikipedia that the legend of ravens in the tower of London is so important to the people of England that ten ravens (six on duty and four young spares) are employed by the Tower of London at the expense of the British government:

A Yeoman Warder, or Beefeater, has the specific role of Ravenmaster at the Tower and takes care of their feeding and well being…It was said that Charles II ordered their removal following complaints from John Flamsteed, the Royal Astronomer. However, they were not removed because Charles was then told of the legend that if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London, the White Tower, the monarchy, and the entire kingdom would fall…

A wild raven can live for more than thirty years, lest it be bested by its natural enemies, the great horned owl and red tail hawk. The raven can actually be trained to speak, and often makes utterances that sound like "cras, cras." (The word cras means tomorrow in Latin.) This has fed into the legend of ravens being the ultimate oracle, and it is considered one of the most, if not the most, intelligent birds.

Oberon Design is a family owned business based in Santa Rosa, CA that makes quality tooled leather goods and hand cast pewter items that are truly works of art. The company casts their necklace medallions in small batches of six to eight using 100% lead-free Britannia pewter. You can adjust the necklace length to suit your mood and style ranging from 24” to 12” (choker style). The leather cords are made in Greece by a family-owned operation that has been making them for generations. Each of Oberon Design's medallions has a one-word inspirational message inscribed on the backside. The message on my necklace is “Raven.”

Written by: Gita Tewari, December 26th 2009

Hi Vanilla Rose,

Your concern is understood and respected. Feminist Review is made up of over 200 writers and 20 editors, and among those people, quite a few are vegetarian or vegan. Several of the site editors - including our founding editor - are vegan and do respect that this is a tricky giveaway for some. In the spirit of being inclusive, we have reviewed and supported a number of independent vegan crafters and designers in the past and also review a number of books from this perspective. We do our best to be inclusive at all times but perfection is an illusion and bridge-building is only as powerful as our ability to open to the viewpoint of others.

I'm sorry to attach this comment to the wrong place, but I cannot find the correct place. I was not inspired by your suggestion that readers of this blog compete to win an "inspirational" leather cuff. I know that a lot of feminists are not bothered about cows. I don't understand why this blog is meant to be inclusive when it is quite clearly not a welcoming place for veg*n feminists.