Elevate Difference

End of Silence

By Red

End of Silence is a powerfully themed album with dynamic vocals and a wonderful message. Jasen, Mike, Randy, Anthony and Hayden provide outstanding lyrical talents with matching musical prowess as well. The theme is one of powerful spirituality along with haunting soul-searching lyrics. “Pieces” states: “I’m here again, a thousand miles away from you , a broken mess just scattered pieces of who I am …”

The album's driving, forceful musical performance makes you completely unaware that you are being exposed to positive, uplifting, spiritual music. With each lyric, we the listener, are being given hope, inspiration and guidance through the experiences and wisdom of Red. This is a great CD to listen intently through. End of Silence is fluid, inspiring and distinctly different in a way you do not realize until your spirit has been fed all the beauty these men possess.

End of Silence was nominated at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards. Red has finally broke the ceiling of good music and has brought it back to its rightful place, the throne.

Written by: Karen Morris, April 25th 2007