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Red Gold Tomato Products

Italian cuisine is my favorite, and I'm not adverse to chili or Mexican dishes either. Therefore, there is always some form of tomato in my pantry. Despite the fact that this fruit—not vegetable—was considered poisonous (due to its membership in the belladonna family) and warnings of reflux, to me, it's a staple. I missed the state fair this year, but apparently Indiana is second in the nation in tomato production—over 10,000 acres of tomato plants blanket the state—so the festival was declared the Year of Tomatoes. Salsa is now the most popular condiment in the United States, outstripping ketchup in 1991, so with the all over national palette becoming spicier, it is no surprise the Red Gold Tomatoes now offers seasoned products in addition to plain sauce, paste, diced and pureed tomatoes, and ketchup. The plain diced tomatoes can extend a salsa, and the seasoned blends serve in the soup or stew of your choice. Red Gold Tomato Products are available to retail, food service, private label and club channels of distribution. The Indiana State Fair closed August 23—perhaps I'll make it to the tomato-tossing festival Buňol, Spain, next year.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, October 3rd 2009
Tags: food, tomatoes