Elevate Difference

Regaining Control: When Love Becomes a Prison

Sad to say, I wasn’t really too surprised by Tami Brady’s intended bombshell statistic that only 1% of the world’s assets are in the name of women. It has been my personal experience that I’ve met very few women who aren’t either overt or covert aggressive, control freaks, or - at the other end of the extreme - fearful and dependent. Both types are insecure. Globally speaking, it’s still a man’s world out there, although thank goodness for Oprah patiently guiding jittery herds of women toward a higher consciousness!

Anyone who has experienced how freeing it is to make her own money, express herself and feel proud of her accomplishments wishes all woman could enjoy the feeling of personal power. To me, it is the feeling of really and truly being alive. So, in my opinion, any book that helps women lacking in self-confidence to step up to the plate of positive and balanced empowerment is a welcome contribution to the self-help section in the bookstores.

Tami Brady’s _When Love Becomes a Prison) is a well-organized quick read featuring workbook pages where the reader can list her strengths and weaknesses, make a detailed portrait of her perfect world and evaluate how she feels on a number of issues. The title of the book at first made me think it was just about abuse, but the book really has to do with breaking down myths about dependence and independence. And learning how to free one’s unique inner spirit.

Brady writes, “Specifically, we’ll focus on reversing situations of unhealthy dependence in order to break free of control, regain self-esteem and increase self-reliance.” That’s a huge journey and this book is a helpful step along the way. It also features a dynamite resource list and bibliography.

Written by: Cheryl Reeves, April 30th 2007