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Rhubarb N Blueberry Spice Soap

I am a soap snob, but not without good reason. I don't want to imbibe chemicals into my skin, and just about everything with scent tends to make my skin dry out or cause an allergic reaction. For these reasons, I usually order olive oil soap from my favorite woman-owned business online, but using Rhubarb N Blueberry Spice Soap from Vegan Soap Kitchen definitely made me want to try more of their goodies.

Owner Deborah Dana has all kinds of cruelty-free skin care products (did I mention my partner and I buy only vegan personal care products?) on her Etsy site, some of which sound good enough to munch. Pink Grapefruit and Pineapple Cilantro soaps and Chai Tea lip balm are just some of her offerings. Unlike some specialty shops, they're reasonably priced.

My soap arrived in environmentally-friendly packaging (the smallest amount of stiff paper wrapping) and a cute, lime green gingham ribbon. She had me at gingham, and the package also listed all of the non-toxic ingredients. I could pronounce all of them!

The soap itself left behind a nice and not overpowering scent when I bathed with it. Think more musky than fruity, with the rhubarb adding a bittersweet scent. My partner is very finicky about our care products—he won't use them if they smell too “girly”—and he didn't complain.

The blueberry seeds offer a mild exfoliant that's not too harsh, although they did tend to get all over the place when the bar neared its end. Still, this was a delicious product, and I'm definitely going to shop for more goodies at Vegan Soap Kitchen.

Written by: M.L. Madison, November 4th 2009

This lady makes such amazing stuff! This one sounds yummie!!!!!!

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