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Ribbon Hard Hairband

For twenty years now I’ve been going back and forth between growing my bangs out and having them cut. Needless to say, I love hairbands and need them at different phases of this cut and grow cycle. The Ribbon Hard Hairband from CoverYourHair.com is something that I will use to keep my now-longish bangs out of my eyes. It’s simple, cute, and unobtrusive. Plus, for a hard hairband it’s surprisingly comfortable both on my scalp and behind my ears.

That said, the white Ribbon Hard Hairband is a little boring. Also, while not exactly cheaply made, the process of making a ribbon hairband like this is so simple that even non-crafters like myself could easily do it by following easy online instructions.

Yes, the Ribbon Hard Hairband is “simple and elegant” as the website says, but it’s not the most exciting piece of hairware I’ve ever owned. Some of the other products on the CoverYourHair.com are more compelling. With a wide range of hats, bandanas (both tied and untied), hairbands with tails, turbans, and snoods, the site is worth exploring if you’re an inveterate bangs victim; if you just crave some variety when dealing with weather-related hair issues and wispy strands; or if for some godforsaken reason you want to copy Paris Hilton’s hairband look. The site also links to the company’s YouTube station, which features short videos illustrating how to wear a snood. Admittedly, this is something I would have felt too awkward to try without first seeing an example. At six minutes, the video “Five Secret Tricks for Wearing a Bandana” runs a bit long, but it’s informative and fun.

I recommend trying some Bust Magazine-style DIY fashion if you just want a ribbon hairband. At $4.99 the Ribbon Hard Hairband is cheap and easy, but not worth the shipping and handling fees. If, on the other hand, you want to stock up on hairbands and other hair accessories, CoverYourHair.com is a cool, reasonably-priced site.

Written by: Emily Bowles, November 22nd 2010
Tags: headband, hair