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I Hate You, Rob Crow

Pinback frontman Rob Crow has released his first single, I Hate You, Rob Crow, from his solo debut, Living Well. The single includes the title track, “Slick,” “Sea Sawn,” and the video for “I Hate You, Rob Crow.” “I Hate You, Rob Crow” is an especially catchy tune, while the other two tracks are of the dark and moody variety, but still make for excellent listening. Rob Crow obviously has no problem poking fun at himself. He continues this humor with the video for the title song, which features Crow interrupting a surgery and taking a piece of the patient's intestine to use for a microphone, much to the doctors’ confusion. The expressions on the doctors’ faces are priceless as they are definitely more confused than horrified, which only adds to the sick-yet-hysterical humor. At another point in the video, Crow tackles a man playing a saxophone. It is absolutely hilarious!

In “I Hate You, Rob Crow,” Crow asks both “What’s your name?” and “What’s in a name?” to add a bit of irony to the track. He also poses the question, “What’s your perspective?”-- a refreshing question, the likes of which are usually not found in rock lyrics. Crow’s lyrics are definitely relevant to both men and women. His tongue-in-cheek attitude, along with almost sensitive lyrics - “Is anything wrong/Is anything missing/A little bit lazy/And want your forgiveness/A bunch of regrets but/It’s none of my business” - make for some great listening. Rob Crow is someone from the music scene who is definitely worth checking out!

Written by: Kent Page McGroarty, June 18th 2007
Tags: dark, humor, rock