Elevate Difference

Girls and Weather

Rumble strips are those bumpy edges along the highway that essentially—hopefully—keep you from driving into a ditch. Did you ever start to doze off on an interstate freeway or make a turn too sharp off an exit ramp? Then you’ve probably rolled over a rumble strip. Not really similar due to their lack of grating and bumpy transitions, The Rumble Strips are a UK band with a lot of heart. Earnest Brit-pop with a large horn presence, Girls and Weather is their debut release with a lot of room for growth.

Most of the album showcases fresh work, though the track “Motorcycle” was first released in 2005 as the band was just getting its bearings after switching the lineup. With a consistent roster since, comprised of childhood pals, the fellas of The Rumble Strips chose to re-release “Motorcycle,” which is a little too sugary sweet for me in its lamenting that a bicycle is not a motorcycle. In fact, much of the album, including their single “Girls and Boys In Love,” is similar bubbly pop. The single “Alarm Clock” goes so far as to include lyrics “beep, beep, beep,” but no one ever said pop music doesn’t rely on predictable formulas, right?

The band just wrapped their first major North American tour, but check their website for future dates. This disc has been out for a little over a year, but you aren’t behind. Just go grab a copy and act like you knew all along.

Written by: Brittany Shoot, November 16th 2008