Elevate Difference

City Morning Song

City Morning Song is the second solo album from Sarah Shannon, former front woman for shoegaze band Velocity Girl. Her second solo attempt is not filled with the distortion of guitars, but with instruments like the piano, horns, bass guitar and strings. It contains twelve pop tracks that are reminiscent of Carole King’s work. What is definitive to Sarah’s style is that it’s hip to our generation.

City Morning Song is exactly what it sounds like: bright upbeat life and love songs. In fact, there few on the album that sound the opposite. The piano compliments her clear, strong singing voice, and her unique vibrato is stamped on each song. "Postwar Hope" and "Hey Heartache" seem to be my favorites. The lyrics are easygoing, yet expressive of a woman blowing off heartaches and thinking about her life. In "Postwar Hope," I am particularly in love with the piano and violin, while Sarah describes the scene with her lyrics. City Morning Song is not your regular pop from the candy machine. It has a contemplative quality.

Written by: Adriana Monrreal, March 8th 2007