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Screen Your Stuff: A Fun, Funky Introduction to Silk-Screening Your Tees, Totes, Towels & More

Screen Your Stuff is an extremely basic introduction to silk-screening, aimed at young girls. Marion Levy and Veronique Georgelin share a rudimentary method that involves covering the screen with plastic laminate with shapes cut out of it. Included in the book are templates for a few basic shapes like a circle, flower, and skull and crossbones, and the "projects" section that makes up the bulk of the book consists of photographs of these shapes screened onto everything from lampshades to underwear.

Levy and Georgelin, both professional textile designers, are clearly passionate about their work and about sharing the art of silk-screening with kids. The book offers young crafters a method of decorating their belongings that is more advanced than the old standby of using a stencil and spray paint, although that technique might suffice for many of the projects.

Screen Your Stuff is the kind of book that crafty ladies could use to fuel a fun afternoon of projects with the artistically-inclined youth in their lives.

Written by: Kiri Oliver, March 3rd 2009