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Black Sculpture Lash Mascara

The Black Sculpture Lash Mascara made by Bésame Cosmetics arrives in an impressive display of packaging. The box is decorated with imprinted gold foil flowers, which match the exquisite gold tube adorned with floral scrolls full of high end mascara. The packaging itself would make this mascara an excellent gift to give or to receive.

The mascara wand has a medium thickness of bristles, which will work for most any type of lashes. The mascara itself creates thick, dark lashes. I have blonde eyelashes so mascara makes a huge difference in my look. I put on this mascara and was happy with the results. Unfortunately this mascara doesn’t last all night. It’s good for maybe four to six hours if you are extremely careful. After that it will smudge no matter how careful you are not to tear up or touch your eyes.

While the mascara looks great on, the fact that it doesn’t stay in place well causes me to have a less than favorable opinion of this product. Granted I have a tendency to have trouble finding mascara that will not smudge. So perhaps for those that generally don’t have smudging issues would be delighted with this makeup. Overall, I’d recommend the Bésame Cosmetics’ Black Sculpture Lash Mascara, but with a warning of smudging potential.

Written by: Sarah Eve Nichols-Fulghum, May 22nd 2007