Elevate Difference

Plum Sculpture Lash Mascara

The mission statement of Bésame Cosmetics is “Effortless Beauty and Elegant Style,” and upon opening my package of plum colored Sculpture Lash Mascara, which was my first experience with the company, the packaging alone delivers on their intent.

Sculpture Lash Mascara is their latest product, and it comes in two shades, plum and black. The etched, gold case is eye catching and would add elegant style to even the most fashionable of make-up bags. As for effortless? Over the course of a few weeks, I was able to have a fairly good cry, take some very sweaty classes at the gym and walk in the pouring rain all without any streaking, and very few pauses to reapply.

Bésame is a young, Los Angeles-based company that is going global at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, one detail they seem to have overlooked was putting enough preservatives into their mascara formula. After only two weeks of use, just opening the tube of mascara allowed an extremely unpleasant odor to emanate, and I certainly would not apply it to my lashes. Most of their other products have experienced great reviews, and perhaps the recipe just needs a bit of tweaking, but at $25 a tube, the alterations are necessary. They say the average shelf life of mascara is four months; I would have liked at least one month in order to become a repeat customer.

Written by: Anna Utevsky, May 12th 2007