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She Likes Girls 4

She Likes Girls 4 is a hilarious compilation of eight short films on various ways in which girls like girls. Topics center around gender, childhood innocence, homophobia, and presumptions. _Babysitting Andy _directed by Pat Mills is a humorous short about a nine-year-old brat who tortures her wheelchair-bound uncle and his partner into schooling her on the definition of fellatio. She has overheard the term being used by her parents, but concludes that she wants nothing to do with it, and confesses she may lesbian.

In No Bikini, directed by Claudia Morgado Escanilla and written by Ivan Coyote, a young girl decides to go topless while taking swimming lessons for six weeks. Unbeknownst to the swim teacher and her classmates, the girl competes as a boy and ends up with the medal for fastest swimmer. When her mother reads a letter that constantly refers to her daughter as “him,” she realizes how the young girl betrayed the two piece.

Another favorite, Don’t Mess With Texas, directed by Carrie Schrader and Tricia Cooke, conjures up all the preconceived notions of the Lone Star State with the presumptuous behavior of a lesbian couple. The couple thinks they are rebelling against homophobia in a small town diner only to find out that their waitress is having trouble with her presumably chauvinistic male partner. When the lesbian partner comes in to apologize to her waitress girlfriend and saves the other woman’s partner from choking, the couple realizes what type of setting they are in.

_She Likes Girls _is a thought-provoking, entertaining compilation of short films worth watching again and again.

Written by: Olupero R. Aiyenimelo, September 14th 2009