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Sicilian Orange & Mandarin Body Hydrate Oil / Rejuvenating Face Cream / Active Face Hydrating Gel

My skin is dry. How dry is it? It's so dry that it makes the Kalahari look like the Everglades. It's so dry, that it makes the Gobi look like the Ganges. It's so dry, that I'm going to be flayed for Sham-wows. The lizard-leather shins and cracked elbows do not appeal. What to do?

Thank goodness I discovered Organic Apoteke products. The Rejuvenating Face Cream and Active Face Hydrating Gel samples did not allow evaluation of the results of extended use, but were not unpleasant after a single application. The Body Hydrate Oil—Sicilian Orange & Mandarin—definitely addressed my dermal crevasses to sealing and healing effect. The Sicilian orange oil contains vitamins A, B, C, and E, and is a reputed anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Vitamins A and E increase repair and regrowth of the skin. This potion also contains carrot and coconut oil. The carrot oil increases the manufacture of natural body oils, and coconut oil is rich in antioxidants.

Organic Apoteke products are made in England and conform with ECOSERT standards: 95.4% of the ingredients are organically farmed, and 98% of all ingredients are of natural origins. Few things smell as good as a freshly-peeled orange. Given its range of applications, hopefully a whiff of me with orange oil will be more reminiscent of a crate of clementines than industrial cleanser. Regardless, it's a relief to have my skin transformed to a texture closer to the orange tree's blossom than its bark.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, October 6th 2009

Belated thanks -- it's good to reminded why to persist.



I LOVE your reviews Erika! Your wit and grace with words always make me smile.