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Silicone Fun Vibes Wavy G

Add a seven-inch multi-speed phallic vibrator to your pleasure chest this year by snagging the Silicone Fun Vibes Wavy G in a vibrant cerulean blue. (Two double-A batteries are not included, so be sure to grab some!) This vibrator has three gentle "waves" and ends in a softly rounded, curved, bulbous tip. Compared to the penis-like silicone vibrator I already own, the Wavy G silicone is an upgrade—a bit softer and silkier feeling, as opposed to more rubbery, and it doesn’t slip around in your hand. The “see-em-but-don’t-feel-em" silicone seams are also very smooth.

Silicone is one of the safest sex toy materials and boasts the easiest clean-up as well. (Use warm water and soap, or toy cleaner) Since the Wavy G is phthalate-free, which means no nasty chemicals, it is also odor-free. To test the toy's waterproof claim, I dunked it into a sink full of water. Thanks to the clear rubber o-ring between the battery holder and the vibration dial, it cranked up without a problem.

Physical aesthetic is important in a sex toy. The curved tip extends about an inch past the internal motorized element and is surprisingly flexible. This feature made penetration gentler and more pleasurable than my other vibe, and the waves keep it from slipping out when things get intense. If penetration isn’t your thing, the soft tip makes for excellent clitoral stimulation. Handling the Wavy G is a breeze if you're going solo or using it with a partner. The narrow base is less cumbersome, and if you’ve got smaller hands you’ll appreciate how it slims down near the vibration dial, which makes it easier to adjust during play. Vibration speed goes from “mild to wild,” and while the speeds dosn’t disappoint, my other vibe easily outpaces the “wild” setting on the Wavy G.

Why the “G” on Wavy G? At first I thought this was a G-spot vibrator, but this isn't stated anywhere on the package, so the product name could be a little misleading. In theory the vibrator looks like it could be shaped for this purpose, depending on how you positioned it, but when I gave it a try the only sensation I felt was that I had to pee. The G-spot may be elusive in my anatomy, but I wouldn’t count this vibe out as a good stimulator for others!

I appreciate that there is no buxom blonde in a thong prancing about on the package telling me how much I should like it. When I go sex toy shopping, porno-style packaging looks cheap to me and turns me off. This packaging informatively displays the product, letting me imagine my own fun without some un-inventive airbrushed model getting in the way. For its smoothness, softness, and ease of use, the Silicone Fun Vibes Wavy G is quickly becoming my go-to toy.

Written by: L, March 5th 2010

The feeling of needing to pee is characteristic of g-spot stimulation. Maybe your g-spot isn't so elusive after all.