Elevate Difference

Silver Metal Cuff

I don't do dangly bracelets. Perhaps it's the residual punk rock girl of my youth who influences the aesthetics of what I wear around my wrists, but I just can't bring myself to get down with chains and charms and all of that froo-froo stuff when it comes to arm adornment. For me, it's cuffs, bangles, or bust.

Tano Jewelry's Silver Metal Cuff ($14.99) is the epitome of what I look for in a bracelet. It's chunky, but not too heavy. Its design is interesting without being too busy. It's adjustable in size in case a friend wants to barter a temporary trade. It's also easy to slip on and off, which I am always doing because typing or eating with a bracelet on can get on my nerves. The cuff is stylistically versatile, so one can wear it when doing the casual thing or when stepping it up a bit for a night out at a show--punk rock, hip hop, indie, electronica... it doesn't matter which cuz the design isn't married to one particular scene or another.

I like to have options, and this bracelet makes that possible. The etchings follow the swirly pattern of the metal in an imprecise way, reminding me of someone's mind-wandering doodles. You know, like when you're talking on the phone with a friend you haven't spoken to in a while and you find you're having a rote conversation about what you've been up to that doesn't require brainpower? ("I've been working, hanging out with friends, same old stuff. And you?")

The cuff is made with a silver base metal and is about two and a quarter inches wide. I wore it for several days in a row, and am pleased to report that even though I'm in the hot and humid state of Georgia at the start of the summer, it did not turn my arm green. We'll see how it measures up to Kolkata, but I have high hopes.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, July 22nd 2009