Elevate Difference

Six Radical Politics Buttons

Making nice is not the focus of Bitter Pie’s products. Instead, with such loudmouth, all-CAPS statements as “Shut Your Pie Hole” and “You’re the Reason for the Jihad,” these buttons are certainly radical and proud with their politics. These buttons are small enough to place on a bag strap or on a lapel, and grouped together, they could be quite stunning, especially for the politically conscious.

The one downfall to these pieces is that the images are not always crisp and the font is not always clear. When this is coupled with the small size of the button, it makes their messages hard to see, literally. Though the images are sometimes grainy, this seems deliberate, a piece of the punk/DIY culture. Additionally, the sometimes unpolished look prescribes to the anti-corporation stance of some of the buttons. Chances are Bitter Pie wouldn’t want their products sold large department stores.

The buttons are perfect for the politically conscious individual who isn’t afraid of wearing their politics on his or her sleeve. Beware: Bitter Pie’s radical buttons are not for the casual user. After all, with statements like “Corporations are the real terrorists,” you can bet you’ll be noticed.

Written by: Lisa Bower, May 21st 2008