Elevate Difference

Revenge of the Killer Slits EP

The Slits are back! If you are not familiar with this band, the most recent release, _Revenge of the Killer Slits _EP, is a good introduction. For those who relished their punk and dub fusion back in the '70s, this sample of three songs is enough to get you back in the mood. Reggae calls are answered by techno-alternative dance beats in the first track, “Slits Tradition.” The beat is basic and backs up nicely the chanted lyrics and bits of spoken word. The Slits even find room for a couple of quick jazzy riffs. The second track, “Number One Enemy,” is Joan Jett-ish, including a snotty solo with predictable back up singing; this is easy listening for fans of soft-core punk. The third track, and my personal favorite, “Kill Them With Love,” is as close to what I would call an R&B torch song as you can get. The track finishes, with vocals that are intriguingly similar to the caterwauling of Diamanda Galas, an end that is both fun and pleasantly ludic. This album is fun, refreshingly eclectic, and packed with sweet “revenge.”

Written by: Aaron Nugua, February 24th 2007