Elevate Difference

Small Decorative Mosaic Tile Bowl

My paternal grandmother had a thing for butterscotch and caramels, and as the ubiquitous good hostess, she kept the sugary treats in a small bowl in her living room to offer house guests upon their arrival. I always wondered what the deal was with these two particular candies, which seems be favorites among a geriatric crowd. Perhaps this is simply my own ingrained stereotype gained as a result of my grandmother's ever-present hospitality that I now choose to imprint on the world. Truth can be difficult to discern from the limitations of one's experience. Whether fact or fiction, the Small Decorative Mosaic Tile Bowl from AttysVintage reminds me of my grandmother's candy dishes. It is small (about 6" in diameter and 2" tall) and very lightweight, which means you can use it like my granny did or tack it up on the wall for a bit of artistic flare. Given its propensity for memory generation, I'd probably opt for the former.

The outer part of the bowl is a semi-shiny gold with tiny, squiggly designs. The inner part is lined with lovely multicolored tiles—speckled brown, baby powder pink, royal blue, and robin's egg blue—of differing shapes and sizes in a linear pattern that encircles the circumference of the bowl. The mosaic design is held in place by some sort of soft grey plaster, which no doubt contributes to its weightlessness.

Since I'm not a big fan of candy, I think this bowl will find its home on the small table on the inside of my door. Perhaps it will help me to collect pocket change or not misplace my keys after a long day's work. And when I return home I can think of my grandmother, a 1950s housewife with a penchant for sweetness whose quiet resistance paved the way for my own brand of clamorous radical feminism.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, July 26th 2009