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Smile Pin-Up Girl Tee

As soon as I fixed my eyes on the Smile Pin-Up Girl tee, my initial reaction was: simply gorgeous. When I put it on, it looked even more stunning; its wonderfully soft cotton fabric enwrapped me like a polite hug, and its earthy hue ensured an effortless appearance, with the pin-up girls motif adding just enough glamour. My second reaction was of disbelief: I couldn’t get over how perfectly the small size fit me. Every contour matched my own body shape; I was destined to own it!

Sculpted with a round neck and long sleeves, the tee has a cool turquoise and orange print, making it a must for summer days, yet its surrounding darker tone means it’s also perfect for the fall. It can also be worn in the gloomy winter months as part of layers, and the bright ‘smile’ lettering will work magically to overturn that frosty frown. To add to this sparkling list of attributes, now that I own three fabulous Furleque tees, I’ve also found that they don’t shrink in the wash either!

Furlesque tees are not just shirts; they are works of art. Skilfully crafted and designed by Maggie Maki and Dion Macellari, each striking t-shirt is as unique as the person fortunate enough to own one. Feminine and delicate, yet bold and brash, both textile and artwork seem to contradict one another—and boy does it work. Not only does Furlesque cut their tees in an exaggerated way to flatter your figure, but their inside-out seams and raw-edge hems will show the keen observer that you’re certainly not part of the crowd.

I guarantee these t-shirts will become something of a cult favourite for women who require an outlet for this male-dominated reality, as well as those who live on the fringes of society and need to express their individuality. I’ll be surprised if they don’t; they’re edgy and daring after all—leaking confidence and character, and ultimately making you feel good. So if you’re feeling particularly optimistic and want to ooze some serious sass, then show off with the Smile Pin-Up Girl tee! This is one funky and fearless store to keep a watchful eye on.

Written by: Payal Patel, November 28th 2008