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Smoy Photocuffs

I live in Brooklyn, NY and about a year ago I started seeing these postcards stapled on light posts and the sides of buildings for Photocuffs. Being a lover of most all things crafty, I said the web address twelve times in my head every time I passed one of these cards, but being a crazy busy activisty gal, I consistently forgot to check out the website. Lo and behold, one appeared in the mail, so I finally went to the website to see what the deal is with these things.

A Photocuff is essentially a bracelet with one to four half-inch, square slots for you to put whatever image that you choose: pictures of friends, fun clippings from a magazine, a snarky phrase, or a political slogan. It’s made of vinyl – good for vegetarians/vegans – and has a variety of colors and designs to choose from. With the holidays coming up, you could snag a couple of these and customize them yourself to give a more meaningful gift to the ones you love… or the ones you hang with, at least. Though that might get expensive at $17 to $30 a pop, so choose your gift-receiving friends wisely.

My one beef with the Photocuff is the adjustable snaps part. I found the smaller size is too small and the larger size is too large. I'd like my cuff to be fitted, not loose like a regular bracelet, so for me to fully enjoy the Photocuff, I would need to come up with some solution to fix this issue. I might decide get the more adjustable belt closure Photocuff, instead of one with snaps. These bracelets are a hipster’s delight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they start making their way to a designer shop near you.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, November 26th 2006

I really lack the sewing skills.

this is a cool idea, but i dont see why anyone would want to buy one of these things when one could easily make them instead (d.i.y., man!). any good craft store will have the vinyl, the snaps, and the clear plastic (to cover the photos) and all you would have to do is sew it together!