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Snake Oil Perfume Oil Blend

With the right concept, packaging alone can sell a product. Bath & body products are my favorite for this – in fact, my bathroom décor is mostly comprised of attractively packaged products. If the bottle looks neat, they've probably won me.

“Snake Oil” is produced by the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, which carries a line of popular perfume oils aimed at goths. The label looks like a carnival poster, asserting, “Cures what ails ya. Accept no substitutes.” The advertising is ingenious: my fragrance came with an Ouija board-shaped magnet.

But the contents are just as appealing as the bottle. A musky scent with vanilla overtones, it's hippie-ish fragrance makes me feel like I'm in an alternative bookstore. The perfume is long-lasting, and after you've worn it for a few hours, the vanilla becomes more pronounced. As a result, I was sniffing my wrists all day. Accept no substitutes, indeed!

Written by: Beeb Ashcroft, February 14th 2007

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