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Soap Sampler & Solid Body Lotion

I discovered Soap Lady Oregon products at—of all places—a chocolate festival in Portland, Oregon. While the products obviously aren't edible, they smelled better—and had healthier ingredients—than many of the food products that my partner and I sampled at the event.

I believe you can vote with your pocketbook, and it was nice to know that the company uses all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Their mission is actually to provide non-toxic products with no preservatives, and they go one step further by listing all of their ingredients on the company's website. This is especially handy if you have any known allergies or have particularly sensitive skin.

In addition, there's the satisfaction of supporting a women-owned small business. Still not enough reasons to try their soap? There's the absolutely soothing experience of using the products themselves.

At just $6, the soap sampler gift box features four travel-sized, yummy-smelling soaps: rose, spice, tea tree, and calendula lavender. Despite their small size, each soap lasted several days in my shower, which is no small feat considering that my partner has a woodworking hobby and I have a workout fetish. The scents were spicy and natural but not overpowering or perfume-y, and they were, for lack of a better word, soft. I can't wait to try some of the sweeter scents, like sweet vanilla and peppermint swirl. A full-size, five ounce bar is $4.50.

At $2.50, the solid body lotion was even more of a steal. Just a tiny bit of this citrus-scented lotion goes a long way, and it will last awhile, even if you work in a job that requires frequent hand washing (or are a compulsive hand washer like me.)

If you're looking for some TLC and inexpensive luxury, this is the place to find it.

Written by: M.L. Madison, March 7th 2010