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Solo Girl Tee

The face that launched a thousand shirts. Okay, don’t quote me on the numbers. But believe me when I say this Solo Girl tee – the first in a line of edgy tops – rocks. How many positive thoughts can one shirt induce? Let’s see. One: soft. There’s nothing better than a truly touchable tee, and this one delivers. Two: work of art. The shirt’s understated dusty green hue and baby pink trim perfectly complements the Solo Girl centerpiece. Her pensive demeanor, oversized head, and anorexic body evoke compassion, pity, discomfort, and familiarity all in one shot. Three: flattering. With a slight stretch, this 100% cotton tee looks good–and feels good. Best of all, it’s thin, so you can wear it alone or layered for endless options. Why, hello, new favorite tee!

So who’s responsible for this love-at-first-sight experience? Artistic collaborators Dion Macellari and Maggie Maki. The silkscreen design comes from original watercolor drawings by Dion, the company’s owner. The edgy website was stylist Maggie’s idea. She was inspired by Dion’s most recent body of work, “Pop Culture Victims.” Together, these entrepreneurs are creating fearless fashion styles that make a T-shirt and jeans look runway worthy.

I recently swarmed the Furlesque site and drooled over their newest fall designs. I highly recommend you check it out and experience it for yourself. But act fast—the designs are limited, but I doubt their fans are.

Written by: Adrianne Munkacsy, October 11th 2007
Tags: goth, t-shirt, tee