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Something to Declare: Good Lesbian Travel Writing

Something to Declare is a wonderful collection of travel stories written to share a unique experience, traveling while lesbian. These stories bring a solid voice to the forefront for queer travel writing, showing the world that travel is indeed colored by the lens of being a lesbian. It lets readers know they no longer have to accept a straight perspective, and allows them to identify with the authors and the places in a way that has not been previously accessible through traditional travel writing anthologies.

Something to Declare has stories of travel from around the world and around the corner. They are stories of love, loss, and self discovery through adventure, mishap, and distance. My favorite story was “What happens after this day” by Hannah Tennent-Moore, which is about a young woman who sorts out her complicated love life while also leaving it behind and studying at an ashram in India. The descriptions of place and emotion and how we tie the to two together are so perfectly written; it is as if you are right alongside the author on her journey of self discovery.

Another standout story is Sandra Gail Lambert's “Looking for the V,” a short story written about a group of friends—two lesbian couples and one single woman in a wheelchair—who embark on a weekend kayaking trip. This story describes the peace that comes with being single, traveling down a wide stretch of river, and learning how to appreciate what you have. It shows how living in the moment brings much joy to the heart.

The stories in Something to Declare span the width and breadth of women’s experiences during travel. The diversity within the stories and authors makes is easily accessible, as well as a very enjoyable read for any lesbian who wants to travel, but is unable to at the moment. This book is the perfect item to squash your travel bug or awaken the adventurer within.

Written by: Jenny Greenfield, January 5th 2010

Gillian thank you for your praise! I am happy to hear that you will keep reading the Feminist Review. I hope to see more of your work on our review list!



Thanks to Jenny and FEMINIST REVIEW for this review of the anthology I edited, SOMETHING TO DECLARE. Thank you for the praise for the collection -- a new way to appreciate and share the experience of lesbian travel! Wow!

Jenny, I am especially fond of the two pieces you mentioned ("What Happens..." and "Looking for the V") and I think they have much in common with each other. Both are set mostly in the USA, and the story is as much about relationships as about travel. And I LIKE that.

I will definitely keep reading FEMINIST REVIEW now.

Cheers, Gillian Kendall, editor

This sounds like a great book. Thank you so much for the review! :)