Elevate Difference

Soxy Throw Pillow

It’s sultry, it’s sexy, it’s foxy... it’s soxy.

This throw pillow from Sin in Linen—purveyors of stylishly unique bedding—features a modern pin-up queen lounging in striped knee socks and wearing a come-hither expression. Beautifully constructed, thoughtfully detailed—she has multiple earrings!—this pillow is arguably the best offering from Sin in Linen’s lovely array of punk and pin-up themed duvet covers, towels, sheets, pillows and more.

The unique round design makes it a wonderful complement to existing collections of throw pillows, and at fifteen inches, it is actually functional for reclining, not just for looking cool. It looks great in black and white cotton, but beware of resting a made-up face on it: your cosmetics could rub off on the white fabric!

The company’s website calls it a “conversation piece,” and it almost certainly will be the edgiest, boldest, most eye-catching addition to your couch or bed.

Written by: Anne Wilmoth, June 21st 2007